Private Eye Pixie

short hairHello! My hair was at that inevitable weird place between ‘too short to tie’ and ‘arrgh..the pokey ends at the back are so annoying!’, so I asked my hairstylist to get rid of a whole lot of it. This is the shortest I have ever had my hair, and I am in love! It feels absolutely liberating get out of the shower/bed and pretty much head out without doing anything to it.pixie hairtrench coatwinter outfit

This was from a few days ago when I took my trench coat out for a spin, and since my favourite ( read : only) pair of boots were at the cobbler’s for repairs, I decided to wear these wedges for the day. Although I love the look of high heels, and this pair is comfortable as far as shoes go, I prefer practicality over fashion on most days. I tend to do a lot of walking around town, so I usually opt for flat boots( no Uggs, please!) or a nice pair of ballet flats.winter tightswalking around town

Are you the kind to choose comfort over the fashion factor? Or the other way around? :)

Trench coat : ZARA, cashmere sweater : borrowed from le boyfriend ; fur scarf : Lattice; skorts , leggings : some random store, wedges : Attagirl, bag : Seoul.


3 responses to “Private Eye Pixie

  1. You look amazing! :D

    I often combine the two of them. For instance I can’t wear heels now because of an heel-infection I have, so I wear something nice and combine it with comfy shoes ;) And it works really well for me ;)

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