Postcards from Bali

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a lovely year so far. My last post was in November – something that makes me cringe every time I think of it, and vow (hopefully) not to repeat this year. I have had my hands full, with work mostly, and then there was a three week-long spell of a horrible, horrible cold last month. The common cold, my mortal enemy. Sigh. BUT I did manage to take some time off work and sprint over ( alright, spent six hours in a flying metal can breathing recycled air with about a hundred other passengers) to the brilliantly sunny and gloriously warm island of Bali, Indonesia :) The four-day trip was a whirlwind of stuffing myself silly with the local eats (incredibly delicious AND inexpensive!), beach trips and sunsets, sightseeing spot-hopping, foot massages( this bit made me want to move to Bali permanently), and more scrumptious food. Without further ado, here is a long-overdue, picture-heavy post of the trip :

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagesate ayamavocado juicechocolatemexican restaurantbarongsovenir standnusaduakitessunsetBali made for a wonderful memory with its beautiful sights, warm people, and divine cuisine. Thank you so much for joining me on the visual re-telling of my vacation story :) And a BIG thank you to Fumi mama and Host papa ( pictured below in their “holiday mode”) for being terrific travel companions, and making this amazing trip possible! xoholiday modeHave a great week ahead! I will be seeing you with a new post very soon :)


5 responses to “Postcards from Bali

    • Hello! Thank you for dropping by : ) Have a fantastic time in Bali, and do visit Mount Batur if you have the chance. It’s a stunningly beautiful volcano in the eastern part of Bali. Bon voyage!

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