Feeling sheepish

Hello there, it has been over a month since my last post, which is pretty much an eon in the blogging world. My apologies, and even though I really want to say I will be posting more often, things are going to get even more hectic now that the holiday season is around the corner. The fact that autumn is almost over makes me feel sad, and sadder still that I haven’t had the time to do a post featuring the magnificent colors of the Japanese fall. D and I were biking around the neighborhood, when we came across this small park and decided to capture the last golden leaves.
Even though summer is long gone, I am still holding onto my breton tunic. I mentioned how versatile it can in this post, and I absolutely love how it makes for an effortless outfit. Throw on some leggings or jeans, top it off with some cozy outerwear, and you are good to go.I found this beige boucle coat hanging forlornly next to its more luxurious-looking, glossy black cousins, and thought it would be a nice addition to my mostly-black winter wardrobe. It turned out to be a great decision because the coat is surprisingly warm, and has roomy pockets to keep your hands nice and toasty as well. I call it my ‘sheep coat’ because I think it looks like one :D I was not a fan of the reversed collar on the coat to start with, but it is slowly growing on me. It does add an interesting detail to the otherwise plain coat. These boots are an old favorite- great for stomping around town in the cold.

Thank you for dropping by, and those of you who, like me, are experiencing a cold winter, keep warm and stay stylish :)

Coat: g.u, tunic, tights : UNIQLO, boots : Candish, bag : Korea, ring: H&M


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