Thebluenylondress & Polyvore : The breton striped tunic

The breton striped tunic you saw in my nautical post has become my go-to item for the past few months. When I have one of those inevitable ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, I whip out my trusty tunic, throw on some tights and shoes, and am out of the door. I love the humble striped savior so much that I have compiled four different fall looks for it, taking inspiration from four of my friends  :)

1. Football : Fb is the most colorful person I know.  I associate her with vivid reds, cheerful oranges and dazzling yellows, with her style being girly-cute. For her look, I went kawaii all the way. Polka dot tights? Check. Beret ( with a sparkly brooch thrown in for good measure) ? Check. Her beloved canine cutie by the side? Check. This is a very fun, light-hearted look, and I had a great time putting it together.

2. Pi : During one of our last long-distance calls, she mentioned how she’s been practically living in cardigans lately, so I wanted to include one for her look. The jacket is a casual alternative to the classic trench, and I LOVE the oversized lapels. I have always thought that a knit beanie would look great on Pi’s gorgeous curls, so I threw in a chic gray one. I think this look would be perfect for a lazy afternoon of coffee and a trip to the library.
3. Dech : I was accustomed to seeing Dech in pretty sundresses and feminine tops, until I came across a picture of her rocking an awesome leather jacket. I wanted to put together a look for her that is minimal, sleek and effortless. I incorporated the current burgundy trend in the form of a chunky wool coat, and added a fall favorite – leopard.
4. Frau Ongmo : Every time she updates her profile picture on Facebook, I am stuck by how elegant she is. I would very much like to see her try on the ongoing peplum trend, so I styled her a monochromatic look that includes a beautiful peplum jacket, and jewel-toned pumps.

Which look do you like best?

Thank you so much for reading. I had a great time putting these outfits together, and am looking forward to doing similar posts in the near future. Have a great weekend! xo


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