October embers

Hello there! I was browsing through a rack of end-of-summer sale items recently when I chanced upon this maxi dress. The vibrant colors instantly made me reach for it, and as I headed for the cashier, I was already thinking of ways to make it work for fall. I like how autumn-friendly the color palette is, though when I look at the pattern, all I can think of is thermal imaging, or funnier still, Hot Wheels. As in the toy cars :D Today, I wore it with an olive-toned cropped jacket to keep the evening chills at bay, but I am very much looking forward to throwing on a leather jacket and perhaps a chunky scarf as the temperatures drop.My brother sent me this Murberry Alexa-inspired bag all the way from Sri lanka (where he’s studying) for my birthday way back in July, and I was eagerly waiting for fall so I could finally take it for a spin :)  Thank you kiddo, I love it! One of the drawbacks of of autumn is how fast dusk falls now, and we hardly get a chance to take pictures when it’s nice and bright outside. That is exactly what happened today and we had to resort to using the subway station, attracting quite a few stares. Thank you for reading and have a great week :) I will be seeing you soon, hopefully with better pictures xo.

Maxi dress : Abe-chika, cropped jacket: RIO, tee: UNIQLO, bag : ODEL , flats : Korea, studded cuff : StationPlaza, watch : Skagen, shell bangle : Shirahama, ring : Malice


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