The DIY Corner : Gold cap toe flats

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend, and are all charged up for the week ahead :) I have been meaning to start a DIY series for ages , but somehow I could never find the time, the energy or the materials to get down to doing it. Last night, I finally decided to work on something fun and relatively easy, and here is the result. Ever since their arrival early this year, cap toe shoes have become a ubiquitous addition for fashionistas and bloggers worldwide. There are scores of DIY versions floating around on the internet as well ( like this stunning pair), and so here’s  me jumping on the bandwagon, albeit half a year late heh :D You will need :

1. A pair of shoes ( I am using pointed-toe flats, but round ones look just as nice)  2. Acrylic paint ( gold in this case) and paintbrush 3. Masking tape 4. Clear acrylic spray 5. Old newspapers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Start by taping off the part you want to paint on. Masking tape is great because it won’t leave any residue when you are done working on your shoes. In case you are using patent leather or a similar material, a handy hint I picked up online is to take some nail polish-remover and swipe down the area. The acetone in the remover will dull the shine and make it easier for the paint to adhere on the surface.Paint away! Making long, downward strokes will give a smoother application, but if it looks patchy and streaky, don’t worry. We have plenty of time to work on that since we will need to do several coats to cover the shoe completely.Shoe on right with a single coat of paint, the left one after 3 coats. I ended up doing 4 coats for these shoes ( allow each coat to dry before you paint another layer).This is how the shoes looked after the fourth coat had completely dried. It is advisable to work outside for the next step. Stuff some crumpled-up newspaper inside the shoes so you don’t get paint on them, and do a thin, even layer with the clear acrylic spray. This will seal the paint and prevent it from chipping. Let the shoes dry overnight. After making sure the clear layer has dried, very carefully peel off the tape. You should be left with a nice, defined line. In case you get some stray splotches, just cover them with a permanent marker in a matching color. And there you go, a pair of snazzy cap toes you can waltz into fall with. I am looking forward to doing several fall outfit posts with this particular pair. I especially love how the gold brings out the pebbled, faux snakeskin-like texture of the shoe. 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to share many more DIY projects with you :) Have a lovely week! xo


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