All work and no play

Hello there, I hope you are having endless bright sunny days where ever you are. This post is from a couple of days back – the last sunny day we had here actually. It has been storming nonstop ever since. Well, at least the booming thunder works like an alarm every morning to get me out of bed :D My host parents took me and D for a drive/barbecue getaway to the neighboring prefecture of Nara, and I think it was a much-needed break for us all. Skyscrapers and neon signs are great, but I’m still a mountain girl at heart heh. And Nara is all about mountains and acres of sprawling forests. The scenery was so utterly familiar and alien at the same time that it made me feel homesick :( All that was missing were towering prayer flags and the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and it could have been any other patch of forest back in Bhutan.Our 3 hour-long drive took us to Tanise suspension bridge, one of the longest in Japan, which hangs at a vertigo-inducing 54 meters. The good weather had brought along a flock of tourists and Japanese, ranging from kids to grandparents, all with the same gung ho determination to make it to the other side.The bridge shuddered and swayed like crazy the further I walked, and the planks creaking ominously underfoot only made matters worse. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could crash through them, and hang on for dear life by a single (rotting) rope a la Indiana Jones. I guess I should have been glad that there wasn’t a crocodile-infested whirlpool down below :D But yes, I did make it across and back in one piece. After our little bridge-crossing adventure, we trooped down below to the now pretty much dried-up riverbed and proceeded to have a barbecue ( read: mostly burn pieces of meat and vegetables to unrecognizable charred bits..). I do love a nice roasted corn on the cob though, don’t you? Thank you Fumi mama and Host papa for the lovely day, and D for taking pictures of me :D And thank you reader, for taking the time to come along on this little trip with us. Have a  great day, and see you soon xo

dress : UNIQLO, tank top : Honeys, hat : Mikazuki Momoko, sunnies : Shinsaibashi, wedges : Cinema Club, belt : G.U.


5 responses to “All work and no play

    • Hahaha. We have all been caught up in work-loaded days lately, so this was our little getaway. But you are right Sandman, the pictures do speak otherwise :D

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