Goody Bag post : Swap party for two

Hello, how is your week going? Only one day left until the weekend ! ( for most people I mean,  yours truly will be working). I haven’t found time to do an outfit post, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick post regarding some goodies I got my hands on : First up is a magazine called The Model Snap, which features International/Japanese models in their everyday wear. I have been seeing this magazine in select bookstores and some convenience stores around town, but I never got around to buying one. Then a couple of days ago, I spotted the Fall/Winter 2012 edition, casually flipped through it, and ended up getting it. Heh. What can I say? I love fall!! The season and all the great fashion that come along with it. I am especially partial to October –  the leaves turn gorgeously golden, the air smells of hot coffee and the oncoming winter, and one of my besties celebrates her birthday :) Ah yes, I can’t wait for fall to arrive.Say hello to the latest addition to my leopard-print collection! I never thought I would end up wearing so much leopard ( always felt like it screamed Cruella de Vil or Crazy Animal Print Lady), but it looks surprisingly sophisticated in the form of classy pumps, or an outfit-cinching scarf. These loafers caught my eye because of the front details – the gold clasps and velvet fringe are such interesting additions. Gearing up for fall with granny chic!

On to the main topic of this post : Swap party! Yay! ( Okay, so it was just two people, but it was a party nonetheless :D ) I met my friend Chan-chan for dinner after ages, and each of us brought along a couple of things we didn’t want anymore. I am astounded that I never thought about having a swap party before. It’s such a genius idea! :D Now I know some people are a little iffy about wearing second-hand stuff, but to me it’s just like thrifting – only better because you actually know who it came from :) So Chan-chan was doing some late summer closet-cleaning and found these two pairs of shoes to swap. The first one is this beautiful pale pink pair of pumps ( I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair of nude pumps, but these come pretty close) with a fun slightly curved heel feature :And here’s the second pair : Steve Madden Kazler Ballerina flats in black.

All in all, it was a lovely evening catching up with each other, and I went home feeling like I had gone shopping :)

How do you feel about swap parties? Yay ? Nay?

See you very soon xo


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