Not so mad as a hatter

Hello everyone! I don’t think I will ever get used to Osaka’s extreme climate. While winter has you piling on innumerable layers, and perpetually huddled around a heater as the temperatures drop below zero degrees, come summer and you wish it was winter all over again. It has been a string of 35 degree-days for a while now, and so my day off finds me barricaded in my apartment, working on a blog post with the air conditioner continuously humming overhead. Last evening, after the heat mellowed a little, D and I ventured out to town on our bicycles. Bikes are the preferred means of transport for a large number of people in Japan, and I can proudly say that over the years, I have mastered how to ride one single-handedly in the rain, balancing groceries on the handlebar, the other hand clutching an umbrella :D Hah! I wore my very versatile skirt-shorts ( brilliant for summer bike-riding!) and a sleeveless button up. The striped bag is great for summer because in fits in with the nautical trend, but the color palette makes it very fall-appropriate as well.I like wearing wedges in summer because I think they look more put-together than flat sandals, but are just as comfortable when you are going to be walking around a lot. So I opted for some cage wedges with this outfit as well ( I didn’t realize how matchy matchy it looked with the bag until later on. Oh well).  The hat was a last-minute addition. I don’t really wear hats because they always make me feel like Jason Mraz hahaha..which is not a bad thing at all. And because of the much-feared ‘hat hair’- but I’ve discovered that flipping my hair and ruffling it a bit usually gets rid of the problem for me. Yay for short hair! :D And there you have it- my outfit to battle a sweltering hot summer evening. But do keep in mind to spray a generous amount of mosquito/insect repellent on all the bare areas :)

How do you keep cool during summer? I like to feast on chilled watermelon slices and gulp down endless glasses of iced green tea :D

Enjoy your summer evenings! xo

Shirt: H&M, skorts: Honeys, belt: UNIQLO, bag: Lattice, wedges: Questionmark, hat: 3 coins, bracelets – gold cuff : Malice, spikes : Claire’s, silver :gifted, watch :Skagen(gifted).


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