Courting Kobe Part Two : Climbing up memory lane

Hello again! Hop along for the remainder of my Kobe trip :D It was close to 30 degrees that day, and I was ever so glad I had opted for a pair of skirt-shorts ( no accidental Ms. Monroe moments, yay!) and a sheer, floaty blouse.No matter how blindingly bright a day is, you seldom see Japanese people sporting sunglasses. It’s a very “serebu” i.e celebrity thing to do, I am told ( I once had a friend incredulously ask me if I was “really going to wear those” as I fished my sunnies out) .That, and if you are a tourist. So Fumi mama and I stuck out like a couple of sore thumbs with our bug-eye sunnies. As if the cheesy tourist poses weren’t already a dead giveaway :D Day two had us trooping over to Kitano-cho, a historical area in uptown Kobe, where the residences of the early western traders and diplomats still stand. These buildings, called ijinkan, date back to the 1860s, and have many of the original furniture and artworks preserved inside them. Armed with brochures and a map, we set out to explore the part of town frozen in time :And there you have it. A bunch of pictures of random, nostalgic streets and sights because I just realized that the ones I took indoors were either too blurry, too dark or had “Don’t touch the exhibits” signs strewn all over the rooms lol. Thank you so much for coming along for the ride :) And here’s bug-eyed Fumi mama saying hello( read : hiding behind a stone panda) :    

Note to any ladies planning on visiting Kitano-cho Ijinkan : Do leave your heels in your suitcase, this historical town rests atop a mountain with a steep incline. Even with my platform wedges, I was on the verge of tumbling down and breaking my crown heh :D

Have a great week ahead !


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