Courting Kobe Part One : Port town paisley

Hello everyone! I am finally back with a post, one that I was extra-excited to do because I have been traveling. I took a two-day break from work( my version of a weekend- in the middle of the week ) to take a short trip to Kobe, Osaka’s neighboring prefecture. This is the first part of the two-part Kobe chronicles, and has me playing my touristy best :DThe day started out a little chilly so I threw on a light cropped jacket over a sleeveless button-up shirt and skirt combination. The brightly patterned cocoon skirt caught my eye at H&M some days ago, and though I am not a fan of paisley, I thought it was a really fun piece for summer ( and it reminds me of the awesomely vivid Trina Turk creations!)Kobe was one of the first port cities to open up to the West, and you can still see glimpses of the old architecture around town. I fell in love with the greenery-flanked streets, the sweeping arches over the sidewalks, the quaint little cafes and bistros. As dusk approaches, the city literally dazzles you with its many bright lights : the Kobe port tower, a huge lighted-up Ferris wheel,  numerous boats decked up in fairy lights to take a spin on. I love my Nikon to bits, but I feel like the pictures I took don’t do this beautiful city justice :Thank you for coming along for the visual trip with me :D And thank you Fumi mama for playing photographer for my shots, you were a great travel companion.

See you soon with the second part of the trip ! Have a great weekend xoxo


2 responses to “Courting Kobe Part One : Port town paisley

  1. You look fab, the sunglasses add to the fab-ness, and I <3 your blog- when I look through it I get that feeling you get when you have a favorite yet unread magazine in your bag :) loved both posts, wants more. :)

    • Hey bestest, thanks :D Only you could have described the feeling above in such fun, and ‘ I-know-exactly-what-you-mean’ terms <3 Will try post more frequently xoxo

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