Ahoy summer evenings

A happy hello to you! We are having some beautiful breezy evenings lately, which is a huge relief from the soaring daytime temperatures. These are the kind of evenings that make me wish there was a nice grassy park in the neighborhood to take a quiet stroll, or settle down on the benches with a good book.You know that summer’s on its way here when ( just like every year) the stores get flooded with watermelon, wedge heels and nautical-inspired clothes, to name a few. Now, being someone who falls under the petite/pear-shaped combination category, nautical dresses have never been on my summer wishlist. Besides, I always thought you had to be cautious with the width of the horizontal stripes –  any thicker and you run the risk of looking like an old-fashioned prison inmate :DI saw this tunic dress in UNIQLO, my favorite place to shop for basics, and thought I would give the nautical trend a try. The mid-thigh length is great since it doesn’t overwhelm a short frame, and I added a chambray shirt to tone down the stripes. A skinny belt would be a great way to define the waist, but I skipped it in this outfit because I am wearing a busy statement necklace.The dress has a bateau neck, a feature I love since you can use it as a canvas to showcase an interesting necklace, but the sleeves are a bit too roomy for my liking. Summer is all about fun, bright colors for your nails, and I am wearing #8 Hawaii Hibiscus from Ettusais’ Vacances Rush line. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t do the color justice, it is actually a beautiful punchy coral shade.

And what better way to end a beautiful evening than with a good old home made dinner ? :)  Thank you so much for reading, and here’s to your own lovely summer evenings xo


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