Taking a shortcut to summer

Hello everyone! I hope you have been well, and have been having some lovely spring days. It has been an incredibly busy time at work for me, hence the lack of updates and posts. Biggest change from my last outfit post : my hair! :D I have had short hair for the longest time, but this is the shortest look by far, and I really like it ( although it was venturing into the scary ‘helmet hair’ territory today thanks to too much hair product for work..). I love how confident and fun short hair makes me feel. Plus, shampooing/drying is such a breeze! Short-haired ladies who rock my world : the stunning Emma Watson, and Karla Deras from Karla’s Closet.It was a sweltering 29 degrees today, so I decided to wear something light and spring-like. I have been crushing on high-waisted skirts recently, and had picked up this floral one sometime last month. I paired it with my favorite sheer button-up, ‘trenka’ leggings and mint pumps. If you are wondering why most of my outfits feature leggings or tights, there are two reasons for this. One, I usually get around on my bicycle; and two, I have a morbid fear of pulling an accidental Ms.Monroe as I’m walking down the street. My fish bracelet says hello! I removed the awkward-looking extra beads from this necklace ( last seen here), and I like the new look much better.I had dinner plans after work with Le boyfriend and my host parents, and we dug with relish into some delicious kushikatsu (Japanese-style kebabs) in the slightly-dinghy-but-famous-for-kushikatsu Shinsekai area of Osaka :D Have a great week ahead ! xoxo


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