Neon vitamin C

Hello there! Japan’s in the middle of Golden Week right now, which is a string of public holidays with a weekend thrown in – one of the much-awaited times of the year for most people. Unfortunately, for those of us working in the tourism/travel industry, this is probably the busiest work phase after New Years as the city gets flooded with visitors on vacation.The shopping areas in town are teeming with locals and holidaying crowds alike since stores offer great deals and discountsI literally waded through a wave of females feverishly grabbing stuff at H&M the other day and scored a couple of nice things, including this empire waist summer dress. It was the very Aztec-looking print that caught my eye, and I thought it would be a fun addition to my wardrobe since I don’t own many bright things. I didn’t realize just how bright the orange shade was inside the store-it is practically fluorescent! I was thinking of ways to get more out of the dress : it is probably best suited for a sun-and-sea vacation, but I would love to layer it under a cardi and wear it as a skirt. What do you think of the following looks? Thank you so much for dropping by :) Have a lovely weekend ahead!


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