Back from hiatus..with bad pictures

Hello! I am very sorry for being away to Worksville for so long :( Spring has kicked in here and we are finally able to shed our winter layers. Now, I am a notorious procrastinator, and had been putting off my spring cleaning for ages, choosing to ignore the ominous creaking of my coat rack straining under the weight of all the bulky winter outerwear, and turning a blind eye to all the fuzzy socks/mufflers/gloves lying around in the closet. I finally decided to tackle the issue today, and many hours of hard work and four garbage bags of ( mostly “after I lose weight” and “ooh, I can DIY with this”) clothes later, my closet looks unrecognizable heh.

I met a friend for a late lunch yesterday, and was pretty happy with the outfit I threw on( I dug out my ancient Chambray shirt). Unfortunately, Le Boyfriend was not around to help me take pictures for the blog, so I made some feeble attempts at self-timer shots and the infamous ‘mirror reflection’. The results were disastrous:

Yes, I know.Not pretty at all *shudder*. So I drew a picture and made a Polyvore set to distract you:)

A fairly warm spring day 

Thank you so much for reading, and see you very soon ( with better pictures heh). Good luck with your closet spring cleaning, and if you are already done with it, you are awesome. Yay for you ! :D


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