Once upon a cherry blossom land

A bright cheerful hello to you! It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, and I thought it’d be the perfect time to do a ‘here comes spring!’ post.  So me and Le Boyfriend trooped over to  Osaka castle park, camera in hand and in high spirits.This park is one of my favorite places here, and I sometimes take a detour through it when I ride my bike to work. The place is usually deserted save for a bunch of joggers, and the crisp early morning air feels amazing. Yesterday, the place was teeming with people who’d come for Hanami, the revered Japanese tradition of cherry blossom-viewing . There were minuscule kids in strollers, even minuscule dogs in bicycle baskets ( a few Chihuahuas with a crazed, ‘get me outta here’ look), colorful make-shift tents selling yummy, high-calorie eats, the smell of barbecue in the air…my favorite sight was a group of surprisingly active white-haired seniors belting out Ue wo muite arukou ( the Sukiyaki song) with a mic and portable amplifier :) I wore a floral-print cotton dress and mint-colored pumps as a homage to the season, but threw on an oversized cardigan and a bright scarf since the temperature was expected to drop as the day wore off.  My new bag came along for the walk, yay ! :) I leave you with this shot of Osaka castle. Thank you so much for reading, and have a lovely spring ahead ! xoxo


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