A powder pink spring

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great start to the weekend. I had a day off myself today, and I spent half of it working on a Facebook page for this blog ( yes! It’s taking a long time, but am very excited about it!), and the other half meeting Fumi mama and some friends for dinner.I am sorry about the quality of the pictures in this post – most of them were taken with my phone, and they apparently don’t fare too well when blown up to these proportions, literally :DTrench coats are one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, and I believe every girl should own one. They are very versatile, and can either dress up an outfit ( say, over a business suit or a pretty summer dress) or dress it down ( I always throw one on over jeans to run errands). And they are the perfect outerwear for spring :)I decided to be a little experimental today, and layered a turtleneck under a sheer summer blouse ( because it’s still pretty cold! ). The final result reminded me very much of my childhood days, when most moms used to make their little girls wear turtlenecks( usually in bright, clashing colors) under frilly frocks and dresses to ward off the cold :D This time round, I didn’t mind the look so much.The delicate lace part of the blouse is very eye-catching on its own, so I kept my neck free of accessories. I found the bag in my local fabric store’s Sale bin. It was missing the strap, and cost almost next to nothing. Viola, I had found myself a new clutch!  My love for leopard continues with these heels. The front is cut in a slightly loafer-like fashion, and I absolutely adore them.I would like to thank L.B for patiently walking the length of two subway stations with me, and for taking scores of pictures for this post :)

Thank you so much for reading, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Until the next post!

Trench, leather cuff, watch : some random store.  Jeans, turtleneck : g.u. Blouse : H&M. Shoes : Namba. Ring : Claires.


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