Leather and flowers in the seat of higher learning

Hello! It’s been a while. Again. Just when we thought spring was on its way, the city of O was hit by a string of rainy, windy days. Sigh.A small group of friends and I braved the rain and the cold to go for Sherlock Holmes : A game of shadows last night ( most Hollywood movies get released about three months later in Japan) . The movie was just as awesome, if not better, than the first one. And I’ve got Hans Zimmer’s theme Discombobulate ( isn’t that a beautiful word? LOL. Apparently it means “to confuse or disconcert”) stuck in my head for the second time around :)Today was a day off, and mildly sunny ( yay!)  so I decided to tag along with Le Boyfriend to his university. This particular university is said to have one of the largest campuses in Japan, and the sprawling lanes and towering classroom buildings made me want to go back to being a student once again.I thought the weather was warm enough to finally bring out my cotton sundress, and do the much-repeated-and-loved floral dress and leather jacket pairing. The overall outfit is  more of an early autumn look, but I realize that I tend to veer towards dark colors irrespective of the season :) I love my black-and-gray houndstooth scarf that I wear with almost every outfit. It’s such a refreshing take on the usual classic black-and-white pattern.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a lovely week ahead! :)

Motorcycle jacket, envelope bag : Seoul. Sundress, tights and ankle boots : UNIQLO, scarf : g.u. Cardigan : H&M. Ring : Malice.


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