Laid-back in Leopard

Hello everyone ! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I usually work on weekends, so today was one of the rare times I had a day off on a Sunday. I have been testing the waters of online shopping, and the very first package arrived yesterday – this leopard print scarf :) Now, I’ve always kept away from leopard/cheetah print because to me, they were pretty much the obligatory uniform of the villain’s girlfriend in bad Bollywood movies from the 90s. Although I’m not sure if I’d ever don a full-length leopard-print dress, I have recently begun warming up to small accents like scarves and shoes.

I wanted the scarf to be the main focus of the outfit, so I kept the rest of it pretty simple. I love blazers because they make any outfit look put-together in an instant. My black H&M one has suede elbow patches, and though Le boyfriend laughingly dubbed it the “Mr.Bean Jacket”, I like the element of fun they add to it.

A simple envelope crossbody bag and T-bar platforms completed my look. I was actually wary about getting T-bar shoes because my last pair left angry welts on my ankles every time I wore them, until I finally threw them away. But these looked absolutely beautiful on the store’s display, and I fell hard for the very Cafe Latte shade :) I’m so glad I decided to get them, because they have to be the most comfortable pair of high-heels I own.

In other news, my host mother, Fumi mama, was taking part in an Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) exhibition, and here’s her pretty little creation :

A big thank you to Le boyfriend and my lovely friend Nyan for being my indulgent photographers :) Thank you for reading, and have a great week everyone!

Scarf : E-bay, blazer : H&M, sweater: Honeys, Long-sleeved tee, jeans : UNIQLO, bag: Korea, shoes: Pink Cat, ring : 3 coins.


4 responses to “Laid-back in Leopard

  1. Awesome post mahn.. You look absolutely delicious <3 Mom got me a blazer too from Bkk a few days back and i can't wait to wear it.. And I love leopard print on shoes, scarves and clutches.. The T strap heels r gorgeous and yes they do look very comfortable. More comfortable than pumps.. Will be hunting for a pair in nude now :)

    • Thank fb :) We want pics of the new blazer! :D And nude heels have been on my wishlist for the longest time, haven’t found the perfect ones yet. Keep warm and miss you loads. xoxo

  2. this be the ladies watering hole eh? me n football t’other day were just discussing how a little bit of animal print is a-ok. a leopard print dress though…..instant flashback of shanaz hussain the tiger lady. :D n u look bee-aoo-ti-full!!! :) i been beamoaning my inability to find a nice but inexpensive blazer, big fail so far. :( thanks for the lookee into my art blog. take care. much love.

    • Shahnaz Hussain!! I forgot all about the tiger lady LOL. Do keep hunting for that blazer, it’ll be so worth it – methinks every girl needs one in her closet :) Football’s words have got me all fired up looking for the perfect nude pumps . Keep chic and happy, ladies xoxo

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