Foxy love

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday. I wish I could work more on my blog, but free time is fast becoming a luxury that I cannot afford. I dream of a time when I’ll be able to do posts every other day, or at least blog three times a week.

I had been looking for a faux fur gilet/vest ever since I discovered how absolutely chic and versatile they can be, thanks to Wendy’s Lookbook, but hadn’t had any luck finding one. And then I spied this beautiful fox fur one a few days ago. I only wish it had been faux fur instead of the real thing.

My favorite color of the moment is dusky pink. This rose tunic dress was a brilliant find at the January sales, and I love how it has a subtle sheen to it, reminiscent of beautiful raw silk blouses.  Another current obsession are statement rings. I am on my way to make quite a collection of them :)

I swapped  my Mary Jane heels for these ankle boots before I left the house because I love incorporating rugged elements in an otherwise feminine outfit.  One of my all-time favorite outfits is pairing a floral dress with a leather jacket – effortlessly stylish!

I had so fun doing this post,  hopefully I’ll be doing another one very soon. Thank you for reading, and have a lovely week ahead!

Military jacket and tights: UNIQLO,  scarf and tunic dress : g.u , fur gilet : Collect Point,  boots : Attagirl, ring: H&M, bag : Seika, belt : unknown.


2 responses to “Foxy love

  1. Hey u.. I love this post.. Everythin in it.. Been lookin around town for boots like those (the jeffrey campbell look-alikes) but no luck here.. Found a pair last time but they had those ankle faux fur thingy that i wasnt so fond of.. And ya.. I have a few statement rings lying around here.. Will send u one :) Love u.. Muah..
    P.S. Would love it if u did posts more often.. :)

    • Hey Football, thanks so much for all the <3. I wish I could work on the blog more often too :( I'll try to squeeze in a post every now and then ^^

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