A giraffe and some chocolate.

Hello all you beautiful people ! Happy 2012 :) I’m so sorry! I know it’s been a very long time since my last post – an eternity in the blogging world. Was swamped with work during the holidays, and had little time for anything else. I just wanted to share with you some gifts-from-me-to-me :D

First is this faux fur bag I spotted in Mon Sac, and immediately fell in love with :

Giraffe!! I think I'll name it Melman.

The leather reminds me of Cafe au lait, and I love how simple and chic the hardware is.

I can’t wait to take Melman out – I think it’d be a great addition to a simple outfit you’d wear while flying : dark-wash skinny jeans, a grey oversized cardigan, flats and dainty jewelry :) Chic and¬†comfortable.

My other self-gift is this pair of shoes which is actually a cousin of my Elephant booties. They were on sale for about $20 in Attagirl. They are sort of reminiscent of the notoriously famous Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and I am yet to master how to not fall on my face in them, but sigh..they are beautiful. They come in black as well, but I really liked the rich chocolate shade of this one . Have a great weekend and see you soon.

My magazines say Hi !

The stacked heel stands at 12 cm.


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