Little everyday things.

Sigh. Much as I’d like to do a post everyday, or at least every other day, I just have too much going on. For starters, I had the most awful cold for about a week.  Besides that, it’s basically a home-work-home routine, but even just that leaves me with precious little time to work on the blog :( I love fall and winter, but it’s such a shame that there isn’t enough daylight left to go out on a picture-clicking spree.

I popped into this little cafe after work today for some much needed java and sugar-rush. I’m kind of a regular there- a die-hard fan of their sugar-sprinkled melon bread, but I am on the brink of changing loyalties to this new milk tea-flavored bun they came out with :D Anyway, so the nice people there added a new ‘sample’ to my paper bag of goodies. Yuzu( Japanese citron) muffin, all golden and buttery-looking , and smelling absolutely divine. Haven’t tried it yet as I was too caught taking pictures to share with you guys.

Played around a bit with Photoshop :)

I was recently at Mister Donut, and saw that they had some really cute Snoopy stuff that you could exchange for points on your MisDo point card( yes, I have a Mister Donut point card. I’m an absolute foodie). So I got this :

Perfect for carrying my flask of java around. Yay.

The had the Snoopy bag in a shocking pink shade and an equally blinding blue one as well, but I steered clear of them. They looked too much like rejected tracksuit pieces if you ask me.



Le boyfriend picked me up some C.C Lemon, a fizzy drink I like, and they had the most adorable o-make (free gift), so it was a win-win thing.

Micro corgi !!! I dare you to not melt :)

The dogs are from the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs. I only wish they made a Siberian husky as well. Le boyfriend wants to go back to the store and root around for a dachshund, one of his favorite breeds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a golden retriever :)


Miniature shiba-inu. 'Nuff said.








Last picture of the day. I came across this on my Seoul trip, and I just HAD to grab it because it made me LOL. Have a dekko :

"Ghost-it ". Geddit ? :D

I hope this post made you go “awww”, or laugh, not necessarily in that order :) Have a great day!





2 responses to “Little everyday things.

  1. Hey just read this one… How was the Yuzu muffin in d end???? The miniature pups r wayyyyy too cute.. I love d shiba-inu, the expression.. Awwww :) and ghost-it.. Hahaaaa… Xoxo :D

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