The elephant cometh.

I like Fridays. Not because of the traditional TGIF syndrome- weekends don’t really mean much in my line of work. Friday is TV night. I usually order something in, or grab a bite on my way home, then settle down to watch some Bones, or re-runs of NCIS and Las Vegas. Living in Japan means no English-language TV programs, unless you get cable installed. I finally had mine done a couple of months back, and even though it makes me poorer by about $40 every month, I’m happy because I finally have NatGeo :D

Had my eye on this pair of faux fur-lined ankle boots for quite sometime, but was disappointed to find out that they did not feel as awesome as I’d imagined them to be. Then, this other pair caught my eye. Wedge ankle boots in grey suede. They remind me of elephants because they are so grey and…um, solid-looking. Hahaha. They look great with jeans though.

Wedge ankle boots. Attagirl . '11 Fall line.

My fish blows you a kiss

The full-length zipper makes it super easy to remove.


The wedge heel means no killing of feet. Yay!

In other news, I’ve been hounding bookstores to find the December issue of Elle Japon. And the sole reason is because Emma Watson looks so amazing on their cover.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Unfortunately, all the stores have now is the January 2012 issue :(  Thank goodness for Amazon. That will probably be my last resort.  Cheerio!


2 responses to “The elephant cometh.

  1. love, love, love the boots……… :>)
    n also i like the idea of hw u spend the fridays….for us ta its usually TGIF only…hahaa
    tc n keep writing :)
    mwah <3 < 3
    from the other RAI ^_^

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