Sole-searching in Seoul

I recently got back from a short trip to Seoul, and it turned out to be pretty much a shopping trip. I think I did Becky Bloomwood proud, but hopefully will not resort to stashing away my credit card invoice under the mattress. I got some great deals on shoes, and would probably have lugged home about twenty pairs if it hadn’t been for the baggage limitations. The ballet flats were 20,000 won ( roughly $18) , and the ankle boots 38,000 won ($33).  Picture time :)

Cream leopard-print flats with bow details

A close-up of the leopard print

Ballet flats in a pretty midnight-blue shade.

The flats come in a tweed-like material, with sparkly thread details.

I LOVE these ankle booties. Suede, 10 cm heels, and adorable button details.

Check out the inside of the booties : )

That’s all for this post dahlinks. I’d rather have five pairs of non-designer shoes than one designer pair, what about you? :)


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