What’s in a name, anyway?

The fabled blue nylon dress : ) Sorry about the awful quality, was done in a haste.

So. This is it. After playing around with the idea for ages, I’ve finally started a blog. Yay! What I never realized was that after you get over the hurdle of deciding to start a blog, there’s a whole new sleepless nights-inducing task of naming your blog. I admit it, I wanted my blog to shout out my name. Embody all my passions, holler my individuality, the works. Except that how exactly do I fit in everything I want to say in a crisp, neatly tied- together phrase? I say phrase because I’m too scared to even venture out into the territory of single-word blog names. So a phrase it had to be. I wanted my blog’s name to include my love for fashion, coffee, books, shoes, photography, and a host of other things. There was no way that was going to be a crisp, neatly tied-together name. Sigh.

And then, out of the blue, accompanied by a dazzling light and angels’ chorus ( in my head, of course – imagine the fright that would give people if it happened for real), this rather foggy memory came floating back from my preteen years. A blue nylon dress. The first thing I ever “designed”. Okay, so it was just a sketch I made and sent to our local tailor, along with some material I picked out with mum : a sky-blue sheet of nylon with tiny flowers dotting it. The tailor did a pretty good job for a sketch with no measurements whatsoever, and I remember wearing it for my birthday that year. Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of the said dress at hand, so have included a grown-up picture of what it roughly looked like. In retrospect, it reminds me of Wendy’s nightdress from Disney’s Peter Pan… oh well, that’s preteen years for you. Or maybe I was subconsciously inspired by Wendy’s dress, seeing how I watched Peter Pan about a hundred times in my childhood. In Norwegian. And no, I didn’t understand anything but the names of the characters. For some reason I cannot fathom, my little collection of VHS cartoons included that.

ANYWAY, we’re drifting away from the main focus here. I thought “the blue nylon dress” had a nice ring to it, and it came with a story. I had found my blog’s name. I wonder what became of that dress though. I’d like to believe that it’s still there in one of the ancient suitcases we have at home, neatly folded and smelling of moth-balls, but I have a feeling that mum gave it away ages ago ( she likes doing that to clothes we grow out of) , and perhaps somewhere, another little girl is prancing around feeling like Wendy.


2 responses to “What’s in a name, anyway?

  1. Way to go,dear..:) ur writing’s flawless…perhaps u cud someday write bout ur faint memories frm Paro…:)

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